Have an Expert Handle Your Trademark Licensing, to control how and who can use your Trademarks, Service Marks, and Trade Dress.

Trademarks are referred to as intellectual property because that’s exactly what they are, intangible assets that’s value can be leveraged to secure financing, sold, or leased to others (when proper contracts and safeguards are in place) through a trademark license.

Having an expert handle your licensing can save you more than money.

Franchising compliance, anti-trust considerations, and balancing adequate vs. excessive control in licensed products or services are key factors in drafting trademark licenses that protect your brand expansion and improperly drafted licenses can cost you far more than the attorney’s fees for a legal dispute, you risk losing rights in, and your intellectual property. These legal and licensing considerations can be complex and are usually not top of mind if a brand owner decides to file a trademark on their own.

With Kinney Firm in Your corner, your licensing is good hands.

Kinney Firm has the expertise to assist you: from the goods and services, industry, territory, or type of exclusivity of the license there are a lot of moving parts and issues to be considered in crafting the license that best suits your needs. We invest the time to make sure you understand every aspect of your license and you’re educated and empowered to make informed decisions to build your brand.

  • Licensed Manufacturer or Distributor Agreements
  • Affiliate and Partner Agreements
  • Franchise IP Licensing
  • Sublicensing
  • Trademark License Recordation
  • Royalty Issues

Expanding your brand? Speak to an intellectual property attorney about trademark licensing.

If you’re looking to monetize or expand your brand we can discuss your goals and how to create the contracts to best build your brand. Schedule your consultation today.