Structure and Launch Your Startup With An Experienced Startup Consultant in Your Corner

Launching a startup is a little like jumping out of an airplane, if you’ve done it before it’s less scary, if you’ve never done it before, don’t go it alone; have an experienced “jumpmaster” handle the preparations that will guide you through an adventure to your desired outcome.

Know Who’s Guiding You

Entrepreneurs are faced with a lot of critical decisions at the start of their business that not only have tax and legal implications but can determine the outcome of their ultimate success or failure.

Working with an entrepreneurial corporate attorney that has advised companies of all sizes (from startups to enterprise) and has assisted with corporate contracts and business strategy, ensures you’re getting the benefit of advice specific to where you are now and where you aspire to be.

Businesses with websites, offering goods and services online, require the expertise of an attorney who doesn’t just understand business formation and corporate issues, but technology and related laws, as well as, U.S. and international privacy laws. Kinney Firm’s got your back!

How Kinney Firm Will help your Startup Thrive

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Where It All Begins

Whether you are conceptualizing a new business idea, product, or service, or you have an established business, we always start with the idea. What is the challenge or opportunity that needs to be analyzed and what is your vision for conquering it. We will help you explore your options and make recommendations during this discovery phase.

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Time To Plan

Once all questions in the IDEA phase have been addressed and clear goals have been formulated, it is time for strategy. We will help you craft a strategic plan to give direction to your vision, identifying necessary resources, allocation of time, human capital and financial investment, drafting action plans, project planning and control mechanisms to aid the next phase.

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Getting Things Done

Some entrepreneurs seek help for the strategic planning phase of their project, but decide to go at it on their own for the execution of their plan. Many succeed doing just that, but the most successful, make sure they seek help for specific areas where they or their team may not have the background to execute successfully. We provide services to make sure all of your bases are covered and that your plan is executed effectively.

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Maintenance Plan

Many business owners retain the services of a business consultant at very specific points of their business development, such as at start-up or to design a marketing campaign. Some  entrepreneurs do realize the value in adding a business adviser to their team to continue the ongoing work of growing a business. We offer continuity programs to forge long-term fruitful business relationships with our clients.

Schedule Your Startup Consult

Whether you need assistance with corporate structure advice, contracts, branding, brand protection, or startup funding and support, we can help you launch successfully and sustainably.