Trademark Attorney

As your Trademark Attorney, Kinney Firm can help you protect your brand, as well as the time and money you’ve invested to develop your business, products and services by registering trademarks for your trade-names, logos, and slogans.


Too often companies attempt to save money by filing trademark applications on their own or hiring non-lawyer filing services to file trademarks on their behalf, only to discover that their application is riddled with errors, is incomplete, or even worse, cannot be registered because the mark they chose is non-protectable or confusingly similar to an already registered or applied-for mark. And because filing fees are non-refundable, they end up spending more time and money than they were potentially saving.

Kinney Firm has extensive experience with not just with filing trademark applications but responding to USPTO Office Actions, correspondence with the USPTO Examining Attorney, initial refusals for mere descriptiveness and likelihood of consumer confusion, renewals, incontestability and oppositions.


Trademark Strategy and planning

Kinney Firm provides comprehensive trademark consultations to assess your current and future intellectual property needs, as well as discuss the protectability of your desired mark, the best type of application (intent to use vs. actual use) and International Classes of Goods or Services, to meet your needs. We can provide a limited USPTO records search for potential conflicts and can assist you with hiring an independent, third-party search company and will guide you throughout the trademark process.

The Trademark process generally takes between 6-12 months, with the registration being retroactive to the date of filing. So if you have a mark you are using or are going to use in next six months, the trademark application should be filed sooner rather than later.

Advantages  of hiring a trademark attorney

  • Deter potential infringers or your competition from using your mark.
  • Block importation of similarly branded goods from offshore manufacturers.
  • Ability to bring an action in federal court with an advantage in terms of burden of proof.
  • Ability to pursue statutory damages rather than having to prove concrete value of damages.
  • May entitle you to triple the amount of the actual damages if there is a loss of business due to violation of trademark.
  • U.S. registration is a local basis for international registration, providing you benefits afforded by overseas Trademark Offices, while still guaranteeing the full protection of U.S. trademark law.


If you have a trade name or logo that you are currently using, or intend to use in the next 6 months, and want an experienced Intellectual Property Attorney to assist, prepare and file your Federal Trademark Application, Kinney Firm can help you.