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Rian Kinney of the Kinney Firm to Co-Host WordCamp Miami Business Track

WordCamp Miami 2018

For WordCamp Miami’s 10th anniversary, they are doing something different. What’s Different After a conversation with Karim Marucchi on some of the ways he is trying to give back to the founder community, the WordCamp Miami organizers have asked Karim and Rian Kinney to host a format that Karim has been working on based on…

Amazon UK Suspending Merchant Accounts

International Sellers that sell online through Amazon UK must comply with the latest UK Finance Bill. Failure to comply by providing the required VAT information will result in an account suspension until the information is provided. Amazon sellers based in the United States need to be aware of this new VAT requirement because it applies…

Contracts that CYA – on OfficeHours.FM with Carrie Dils

Carrie interviews attorney, Rian Kinney and Karim Marucchi, the CEO of Crowd Favorite, an enterprise-level digital agency, about the nuts and bolts of contracts and considerations for negotiating with and working with clients.



Operating a website, blog or app exposes you and your business to the laws of the ‘world wide’ web. I am outlining 4 reasons you must have a privacy policy. Whether clients are hiring me for business consulting or legal advice, one of the biggest mistakes I see time and time again is failing to include…