Outsource your privacy responsibilities to a certified privacy professional and attorney

A Dedicated Privacy Officer that’s familiar with U.S. privacy laws to create corporate policies, train staff, respond to inquiries and data breaches on your behalf can limit your exposure to lawsuits and fines.

Not appointing a Dedicated Privacy Officer can be an expensive decision

Many countries are now requiring businesses to appoint or register a Dedicated Privacy Officer (DPO) within their organization that is responsible for privacy compliance, (which has different meanings and requirements depending on the country imposing the obligation). Data Protection Requirements by Country

Some jurisdictions, such as the European Union (EU) Member States and the United Kingdom (UK) have additional requirements regarding the qualifications and independence required for an organization’s Dedicated Privacy Officer, such as: expert knowledge of data protection laws and privacy practice, must have autonomy to perform duties / report only to the highest level of management, without employment penalties or dismissal for performing privacy compliance tasks.

Failing to appoint a Dedicated Privacy Officer can be a costly mistake. Failure to appoint a DPO where required will run the risk of receiving a fine of €10 million euros or 2% of the organization’s worldwide turnover (depending on which amount is higher).

Kinney Firm can provide outsourced dpo services

If your organization sells globally, has multinational clients, or processes sensitive data and is required to appoint a DPO, you may not need a full-time DPO or have the budget for a Dedicated Privacy Officer as an employee. Outsourcing to a qualified DPO as an independent contractor allows you to meet your obligations and reduce your overhead. Kinney Firm can assist you and serve as your Dedicated Privacy Officer. We will proactively work to keep your company in compliance with GDPR, Federal and State privacy regulations, and mitigate your risk by drafting  Data Processing Agreements, privacy compliance monitoring, and making necessary changes to company policies and processes as regulations evolve.

Creating and maintaining a data protection and privacy framework requires expert knowledge, staying current with evolving privacy laws, and is a responsibility that should be entrusted to a professional with privacy experience.

  • Attorney, Rian Kinney, holds the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) CIPP/E and CIPM designations.
  • Rian Kinney has lectured nationally and internationally on privacy laws and compliance.
  • Assist with vetting and designating a Data Protection Representative in jurisdictions, where required. 
  • Establish and maintain a corporate data protection and privacy framework, including: privacy and corporate policies, staff training, maintaining confidentiality, and data protection compliance data.
  • Serve as privacy contact for data subjects and privacy regulators.

Should you appoint a DPO?

Schedule a 1-hour consultation to discuss your organization’s data collection and processing activities, privacy needs, and discuss whether Kinney Firm is a good fit to assist with your corporate privacy compliance.