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The Kinney Firm is committed to providing you the personalized service you need to understand and succeed in your legal endeavors; whether you require real estate advice or entertainment contract negotiation or business consulting, we have you covered.
  1. Real Estate Law
    Real Estate Law
    Whether you are buying, selling or leasing real property in Florida, you should seek the advice of an experienced Real Estate Attorney. Rian M. Kinney, Esq. is a licensed Real Estate Broker in addition to practicing in this area of law.
  2. E-Commerce Law
    E-Commerce Law
    Getting your goods and services online may be easy, but protecting your business and personal assets from liability is something best left to the professionals. Contact the Kinney Firm today to schedule a legal evaluation of your corporate website.
  3. Consumer Law
    Consumer Law
    Consumer protection is designed to ensure the rights of consumers as well as fair trade.