What You Need To Know About GDPR

You may have noticed your inbox is getting stuffed with notices from Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Google, etc. updating their Privacy Policies, Terms of Use and making you aware of new features such as your ability to change your personal data settings, opt out of marketing and cookie tracking. These companies are taking these measures and updating their business practices to conform with the General Data Protection Regulation and the corresponding ePrivacy Directive (also known as EU Cookie Law).

These regulations have far-reaching implications for any business collecting or storing information from EU citizens, regardless of where headquartered. With the May 25th GDPR enforceability date looming, I wrote an article for Kinney Firm client, Crowd Favorite, regarding how GDPR affects enterprise and the way businesses will have to operate, moving forward.

To find out what you need to know about GDPR and steps you can take for compliance read the article “What Does GDPR Mean For The Enterprise” on CrowdFavorite.com.