Rian Kinney

Rian received her B.A., in English, from the University of Florida and her J.D. from Nova Southeastern University, Shepard Broad Law Center where she served as the school's appointed American Bar Association Representative for two years.

Prior to founding Kinney Firm, Rian Kinney, worked as commercial litigator. Rian serves her clients as a business and legal consultant and today, Kinney Firm represents and advises founders and businesses of every size, across industries in the areas of corporate formation, copyright, trademark, e-commerce, as well as strategic and long-term planning

Rian speaks at conferences across the U.S. to empower entrepreneurs and educate them to protect and grow their businesses.


"I enjoy working with entrepreneurs to develop and implement long-term legal strategies and help them build the business they envision."


The Kinney Firm



Over the years, the Kinney Firm has been providing outstanding legal services for my Television and Film production company. Rian's attention to detail has been absolutely top notch in work ranging from drafting letters for collections to carefully examining crucial purchasing agreements. I've depended on Kinney Firm sage legal advice for my company throughout it's growth and expansion and will continue to do so as my company moves forward. Rian is definitely someone you want in your corner!

John Hatcher Kinney Firm


Rian is simply fantastic. You know in the first minute of speaking with her that she is highly knowledgeable and committed to providing the very best information and services. She truly cares about her clients, and stands in the highest integrity.


Whether legal advice, strategy or execution, Rian continues to be an invaluable member of my team.

Devon Kondaki Kinney Firm

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Whether you are in need of a legal strategy, or business consulting, when you become a client of the Kinney Firm you can expect two things. You will have at your fingertips a suite of services & solutions to fuel your business, but also an ally in Rian Kinney committed to helping you and your business to thrive . Let's talk about your business.