Copyright Attorney

Whether you’re a creative, author, artist, or a startup engaging in e-commerce and looking to deter copyright infringement while complying with applicable laws, the Kinney Firm can assist you with everything from copyright registration to copyright infringement litigation.


Just because you pay for it doesn’t necessarily mean you own it. Unfortunately, an issue we deal with, far too often, is a client hired a company or freelancer and paid them to create a website, logo, or other creative content and they failed to secure a Work For Hire or license for the commissioned work.

There is truth in the old adage, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” It is far less expensive and time-consuming to hire an attorney to negotiate, review and draft contracts that protect your copyright, trademark and intellectual property rights when you’re entering into the contracts than to try to negotiate a settlement and contracts after the fact, when the other party has less incentive and more leverage. Hiring a copyright attorney from the outset can save you time, money and stress.


Copyright Infringement

Someone “stole” or is using your music/photos without permission, what do you do? You might contact them yourself or send a templated Cease and Desist Letter but that could put the other party on notice that you intend to file a lawsuit, allowing them the advantage of filing first. Kinney Firm can guide you and represent you to resolve you copyright infringement dispute.

We bring clarity to copyright law

Copyright Law, the rights, notices and other issues surrounding it can be very confusing. A copyright is a bundle of legal rights afforded to the author of an original work, when fixed in a tangible medium. Seems pretty clear and straightforward, right? Is work original enough? Does the work fall under one of the protectable categories? Who is the author? You may think you are, but did you co-create the work? Do you have a valid Work For Hire Agreement?

There are a lot of considerations and a lot to know when registering a Federal Copyright, drafting a Work For Hire or a Co-Author Agreement. Kinney Firm can answer your questions and assist you with copyright filing, securing and protecting your intellectual property.


  • Author's Bundle of Rights
  • Assignments and Licenses
  • Work For Hire
  • Joint Works of Authorship
  • Copyright Infringement -Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Are You Ready to File Your Copyright?

The copyright registration process can be time consuming and confusing. Whether you need legal advice on how to do it yourself or you prefer to turn the task over to an experienced intellectual property attorney, Kinney Firm can assist you with registering your copyright and protecting your intellectual property. Schedule your consultation today.